Endevor Processors for Enterprise Cobol
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Endevor Processors for Enterprise Cobol


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IBM Enterprise COBOL Version 5 and Higher requires high impact adjustment when upgrading from Version 4 or earlier versions of the compiler.

How to check that Endevor processors are ready for with Enterprise Cobol?



Release: All 
Component: Endevor


Enterprise Cobol Version 5 (or Higher) requires a migration plan when upgrading from OS/VS COBOL,

Here is a list of required changes:

  • PDS Load Libraries are no longer supported and need to be converted to a PDS/E
  • Some compiler options are not supported anymore. For details see chapter "Compiler options not supported in Enterprise COBOL" from the Enterprise COBOL for z/OS Migration Guide
  • More utility datasets are required for Enterprise Cobol, ie, SYSUT8 to SYSUT15 and SYSMDECK..
  • Also, depending on the version of COBOL compiler being upgraded, some COBOL source-code should be updated..