Carriage return problems occurring at page breaks, for reports run with Eztrieve for Windows.
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Carriage return problems occurring at page breaks, for reports run with Eztrieve for Windows.


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Understanding report page breaks and Carriage return when running Eztrieve for Windows.


We are running Version r11.1 Build 15232 Date 08/20/2015 on W2012R2. 
We have numerous reports that are experiencing this issue where we have a carriage return issue occurring at every page break within the program. Why does the first line of the new page show up at the end of the previous page, skewed to the right?


Easytrieve for Windows



When you run an Easytrieve program within the Workbench, the output that is generated is viewed in the Workbench and each "new page" is represented by a solid line. This does not occur when editing or viewing output sent to a named file. We treat that as a "normal" file that is open for edit. 
Easytrieve for Windows provides a program that allows you to preview what printed output will look like when sent to a printer (which is the only place that "new page" is really a factor). This is called EZRptView.exe. This takes as a parameter the name of the PCO file that Easytrieve generates at the end of a compile. It runs that PCO file through EZTERP and captures the generated output and displays it. 
Please note that even in "view" mode, you don't see the new page character on the screen. That only becomes effective when doing a print preview. The report viewer can be run by selecting the Tools menu and then the "Run Command Line Program" menu item. Within the popup window, enter, for instance, "ezrptview proc_test.pco" as the command line and set the working directory as the location of the PCO file. Click the OK button. Once displayed, you can click the "Print Preview" icon to show how the report would look coming out on a printer.


Additional Information:

We also provide the capability to "package" an Easytrieve program. This allows you to group the required Easytrieve modules as well as your program into a separate sub-directory for potential distribution to other users. From within the Workbench, with the program you want to package up on the screen and active, select "File/Package Program". This brings up a dialog to specify the sub-directory of where you want the components to go. Assuming that you have set the correct environment variables to run your program in the Workbench, the packaging process will take those variables and build a CMD file (same as a BAT file) that does a SET of the variables and then executes the report viewer. The idea is that the programmer can then send that directory to someone and tell them to run the CMD file. 


Release: ESBEZT99000-11.1-Easytrieve-Extended Support Basic