Perform a Software Delivery cleanup using WinOffline.
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Perform a Software Delivery cleanup using WinOffline.


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WinOffline is a utility designed to simplify Client Automation patching and automate common maintenance procedures.  It's a multi-purpose application with two operating modes:

Interactive mode (double-clicking and running WinOffline.exe) allows you to run WinOffline locally on any endpoint with Client Automation installed. The user interface enables you to review Client Automation patch history, apply new patches, remove installed patches, or run any of the built-in maintenance procedures.

Software Delivery mode enables you to deliver WinOffline silently, without interrupting the end-user, using Software Delivery. WinOffline automatically detects it's running under Software Delivery, silently stops Client Automation services, carries out the specified maintenance, restarts Client Automation services, and reports back informative results to Software Delivery's job output.
This document describes an optional maintenance built-in to WinOffline, to cleanup software delivery files present on the target system(s):
- Cleanup the Deliveries folder:
- Cleanup the agent activate folder:
- Cleanup the server activate folder:
- Cleanup the DTS agent folder, including the index file:
Note: You can use WinOffline without applying or removing any patches, in order to run maintenance on these directories.

Question:  How do you configure WinOffline to run the built-in software delivery cleanup procedures?


CA Client Automation - All Versions 


You may use the WinOffline for the software delivery file cleanup, here's where to find these options using the interactive mode:


1.   To run it you Double-Click on WinOffline or Right click and Run as Administrator.

2.    You will see the following screen, select 'Next' even if you do not intend to apply any patches.


3.  You can individually choose specific cleanups to perform, or select the option to perform all applicable software delivery cleanups.  It does not matter if the target system is only an agent, or if it's a scalability server with DTS installed-- WinOffline will skip performing a particular cleanup if it ends up not being applicable.

Select -cleanserver option and click Start button

Lastest version of WinOffline (2019.01.10) could be found here : Latest WinOffline



Additional Information

If you're using WinOffline with Software Delivery, the option can be enabled by setting the following command line switch:

1- Cleans up the ..\CA\DSM\SD\ASM\D folder.
2- Cleans up the ..\CA\DSM\SD\ASM\LIBRARY\activate folder**
3- Cleans up the ..\CA\DSM\dts\dta\status folder.
4- Cleans up the ..\CA\DSM\dts\dta\staging folder
5- Recreates the ..\CA\DSM\dts\dta\status\index file.

**Removes any NTFS junction points created back to Domain Manager's software library, before deleting any files/folders.
The interactive mode of WinOffline contains detailed help and information regarding available features, usage and available command line switches.  From the main screen of the interactive mode, select the option, "Help and Command Line Switches".