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Service Desk Manager (SDM) - Ticket List Disappearing When Sorted By Field


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A stored query is used to return a list of Service Desk tickets.  

When the list is sorted by certain fields (i.e. Assignee), the list of tickets disappears as if there were no results from the query.  

When the list is sorted by another field (i.e. Open Date), then the list will reappear.   The list also reappears if you click on the scoreboard node again.


The list is being shown is using the wrong form for the Service Desk ticket type.  

Service Desk will default to list_cr.htmpl, but this will cause issues when showing types of tickets other than Requests.


Service Desk 12.9, 14.1 and 17.x

All Supported Operating Systems


You need to modify the stored query to include a type constraint similar to:


The above constraint will limit the results to just Incident and will also tell Service Desk to use the right form for the list.  

For other ticket types, use the proper tag: P for Problems or R for requests.