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PDA generated SQL -305.


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SQL-305 detected in PDA program RAAUSUBP. Could also happen in RAACATB or RAAUBD8


There is no error message in the PDA job, however the SQL-305 is seen in e.g. CA Detector


This can happen during action processing when processing a LOB tablespace with Parmlib option SPACE_SYM_SOURCE(AUTO_PDA) or (PDA) when PDA stats have not been collected at least once.


Database Analyzer job


This is NOT an error. PDA handles the SQL-305. It is an expected SQL code and PDA detects it.


If you do not want this SQL-305 to occur, consider changing SPACE_SYM_SOURCE to either (AUTO_RTS) or (RTS) to avoid accessing the PDA stats tables during action processing.   Another option would be to collect at least one set of PDA stats for the LOB objects but keep in mind with this option that over time the PDA stats may no longer accurately represent the current space utilization of the LOB unless PDA stats are recollected periodically.   

Additional Information

PDA parmlib description of the SPACE_SYM_SOURCE keyword:

/* Primary source for setting  */  

/* space-related symbolics.    */  

/* PDA = Use PDA stats tables  */  

/*   for both conditional and  */  

/*   unconditional actions.    */  

/* RTS = Use DB2 RTS tables    */  

/*   for both conditional and  */  

/*   unconditional actions.    */  

/*   Also consider using:      */  

/*   SHOW_PDA_ACT_CONDS (N)    */  

/* AUTO_PDA = Automatically    */  

/*   determined based on type  */  

/*   of condition(s) selected. */  

/*   Unconditional actions     */  

/*   will use PDA stats tables.*/  

/*   Default setting.          */  

/* AUTO_RTS = Same as AUTO_PDA */  

/*   except when unconditional */  

/*   actions RTS tables used.  */  

/*   Recommended for RTS users.*/  

/*   Also consider using:      */  

/*   SHOW_PDA_ACT_CONDS (N)    */  

/* When PDA or RTS stats not   */  

/* available for an object,    */  

/* DB2 catalog will be used.   */