db2 probe $rows_modified Variable not translated to a value
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db2 probe $rows_modified Variable not translated to a value


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We are getting some alarms from probe "db2" but one of the variables in the message isn't translated to a value, for example: 

"Message: CEDB, checkpoint app_rows_written, db2jcc_application., value reached $rows_modified

As you can see, the $rows_modified should be a value and isn't. This issue happens in Windows and AIX (the only OS where we have this probe) and seems to apply only for this checkpoint: app_rows_written 


UIM 8.4.2probe db2 version 4.32


When looking at the available variables on the IC configuration for templates and double-clicking on the app_rows_written and then you can see above Message text, but variable $rows-modified is not among the variables listed as available, but $rows_written. 


Use variable $rows_written instead of $rows-modified which is showing up in the default message.