CA OPS/MVS SSM is not taking actions on resources when events occur.
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CA OPS/MVS SSM is not taking actions on resources when events occur.


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


Within CA OPS/MVS OPSLOG it appears OPS is collecting events and attempting to issue SQL updates to change SSM Table CURRENT_STATE values. But, changes do not appear to be taking affect. Experiencing this when attempting to start numerous  tasks  after an IPL. In the past, shortage of process blocks seemed to be the root clause of this issue. 

Question 1: What  commands, while in the OPSLOG, can be used to help determine if this is due to process block shortage?

Question 2: If process blocks are the suspect, how would you determine affect/limit of increasing process block to highest value possible to prevent any future same issues.


Release: PVLA2.00200-12.1-OPS/MVS-Event Management & Automation-for JES2


1. The answer to your OPSLOG trace question is: (From the OPSLOG command line, issue the command) Display TRACE1 <opslog field> along with the appropriate SSEX* parm.
2. Always check the automation that is occurring when the failures happen.
3. Consider reading the technical document below for information about process blocks.
    Document ID:  TEC463134 - What is the proper value for the CA OPS/MVS PROCESS parameter?