REST Web Services Demo using SOAPUI
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REST Web Services Demo using SOAPUI


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Is there a tool I can use to test CA Service Desk Manager REST Web Service functions?


CA Service Desk Manager 17.1 and higher.


Yes, you can use SoapUI in a similar way that it can be used with Service Desk SOAP Web Service calls. 

The following are simple steps to download and install SoapUI. It will also show you the steps to issue a login and a simple Call Request retrieval using REST Web Service calls.

 Sample setup steps:

1. Go to this link and click on the download "SoapUI OpenSource" link

2. Install SoapUI on your CA Service Desk Manager server (or any other windows machine that can access the CA Service Desk Manager REST Web service URL).

3. Create your first REST project with sample queries for CA Service Desk Manager REST method calls.

a) Start SoapUI and you will see the following screen:

b) Create a new REST project (File/New REST Project) and then click on Import WADL

The wadl URL is:


c) Provide the REST Web service WADL end-point information and Import the WADL


The Resulting screen will be displayed:

d) Now we will use a POST to the rest_access method to login and obtain an access key. In the request header, add the <rest_access/> tag and setup your authorisation using the Basic method. Specify a valid Service desk contact userid and password in the fields provided. Once this is done click the submit button to submit your request. You should see the result in XML format and will see the access_key that can be used for subsequent requests. See the screenshot below:

e) Now you can use the access_key in a further REST method call. In the below example we are using a GET call to the cr object to get a list of Call Requests. Note that we have specified the X-AccessKey header in the call containing the value of the access key returned from the rest-access POST in the previous call. 

You can use the same access key to make subsequent REST web services calls.

Additional Information

A counterpart document on demonstrating SOAP Web Services calls is available here:

KB Article 40101:  SOAP Web Services Demo using SOAPUI

See also:

KB Article 120004:  REST Logging/Tracing 

Link to download the SoapUI tool (valid at the time of writing this document):

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