Staging jobs going in a loop and failing.
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Staging jobs going in a loop and failing.


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager CA Client Automation


Cannot stage large packages on a scalability server. The staging job goes in a loop eventually timing out.

The following is seen in the DTSAgent log on the Scalability Server:

011116-19:37:31.9036805L|007724|00001d38|DtsAgent0 |cfNetwork |CCFNetConfigCcnf.cpp|000250|INFO | CFNetwork CCNF Protocol Common Setting: sendtimeout = 60
011116-19:37:31.9045383L|007724|00001d38|DtsAgent0 |cfNetwork |CCFNetConfigCcnf.cpp|000250|INFO | CFNetwork CCNF Protocol Common Setting: connectiontimeout = 10
011116-19:37:31.9045664L|007724|00001d38|DtsAgent0 |CCFSock::Init |CCFSock.cpp |000171|INFO | Init Ends OK
011116-19:37:31.9046570L|007724|00001d38|DtsAgent0 |CCFSock::Recv |CCFSock.cpp |000605|INFO | Socket has been closed gracefully
011116-19:37:31.9047129L|007724|00001d38|DtsAgent0 |cfNetwork |CCFNetServer.cpp |000547|INFO | CCFNetServer::NegotiateLegacyEncryption: Unable to receive response to legacy handshake (27)
011116-19:37:31.9047478L|007724|00001d38|DtsAgent0 |cfNetwork |CCFNetServer.cpp |000260|INFO | CCFNetServer::Accept: Unable to negotiate encryption type for incoming connection
011116-19:37:31.9047727L|007724|00001d38|DtsAgent0 |CCFSock::~CCFSoc|CCFSock.cpp |000113|DETAIL | Destroying CCFSock object
011116-19:37:31.9048793L|007724|00001d38|DtsAgent0 |dtsDTSITRM_Check|plitrm.c |001569|ERROR | Networker failed to accept incoming connection, res=25


* Small packages can be staged without issues.


Client Automation - All versions


The error could occur due to a connection/negotiation timeout. To resolve the issue, increase the timeout in the following configuration policy parameters:

Default Computer Policy->DSM->Common Components->Networking->General
Negotiation timeout (Increase to 60)

Default Computer Policy->DSM->Common Components->Networking->Protocols->TCP
Connection timeout (Increase to 60)

Default Computer Policy->DSM->Common Components->Networking->Protocols->UDP
Connection timeout (Increase to 60)

Default Computer Policy->DSM->Software Delivery->File Transfer
DTS: Server API timeout (Increase to 3000000)
DTS: Server connect timeout (Increase to 3000000)
DTS: Default throttle factor (10)
DTS: Default maximum parcel size (32768)

Default Computer Policy->DSM->Data Transport Service->Data Transport Agent Plugin
Communication protocol: Receive Timeout (Increase this to 160)
Communication protocol: Send initialization message timeout (Increase to 100)
Communication protocol: Timeout (Increase to 120)

Default Computer Policy->DSM->Data Transport Service->Transfer Object Server
Incoming Connection timeout (600)
Legacy messaging delivery period (600)