Where to find Identity Suite product downloads and documentation
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Where to find Identity Suite product downloads and documentation


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Where can I find the documentation and product downloads for Identity Suite products?



The documentation for Identity Manager, Identity Suite, and related Identity Management and Governance products is available by logging on to the 'techdocs.broadcom.com' site:  


Select "Symantec Security Software" and "Identity Security"
The documentation for Identity Manage, Identity Governance, and Identity Portal will be available on the page.




--Product DOWNLOAD--


For product Downloads of Identity Manager, Identity Governance, Identity Portal products or JasperReports Server, log on to https://support.broadcom.com

After logging in to the support page, make sure you have selected the "Cyber Security Software" option by clicking on the lock icon at the top-right corner


Click "My Downloads" from the left-side menu


In the Search field, type "IDENTITY MGMT AND GOVRNCE", in the result, select the option with the same name


In the next search field, type the product you would to download, below the names to search for.


Type one of the following products (what you see will depend on your entitlements):

- Identity Manager

- Identity Governance

- Identity Portal

- Identity Suite


Select the product and select the product version link to open the page to download it. Below is an example of the Identity Suite