Configure Clarity PPM to send emails
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Configure Clarity PPM to send emails


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How to configure Clarity PPM to send emails, and test its working?

It is important that this configuration is properly in place for many notification functionalities of the product. For example:

  • "Forgot Password" page of the Modern UX


1. Configure Clarity PPM

To start the configuration, we would have to go to our NSA / CSA console. An example URL is provided below. Note that the URL may vary depending on whether HTTPS is implemented or not, in addition to the port that is allocated to NSA / CSA.

Ex: http://clarity_host_name:8090/niku/app

  1. Under Overview click on the server and under the "System" Tab modify the Mail Server setting
  2. Stop and Start the service of the App and BG

2. Test Email Functionality

2.1 Verify User Email Address

Verify that the user that should be notified by Email has the email address configured under the user in CA PPM.

Navigate to:

  1. Administration
  2. Organization and Access
  3. Resources
  4. Click on the user that will receive the notification
    Example: Administrator
  5. Modify the  [*] Email Address
  6. Save 

2.2 Verify User Notification Settings

Navigate to:

  1. Administration
  2. Data Administration
  3. Notifications
  4. Click on the TAB "Notification Default Settings"

2.3 Trigger a Job to receive an email

Run a job, and verify if you receive an email notification for its failure/completion. Any job can be executed for this purpose. However, take precaution before executing jobs that make changes to Clarity data or its configurations.