CA CSM Product Deployment fails on "Deploy_Products" step.
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CA CSM Product Deployment fails on "Deploy_Products" step.


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Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager)


Just completed the installation for a CA Product via CA Chorus Software Manager(CSM) and attempted to deploy this over to another system. The process failed but the information provided did not provide enough information.


The first thing to do is to review the failed deployment task, looking at each step of the output that is generated and identify the point of failure. If the deployment fails at any point along the way, all previous steps will be "undone". This will be recognized by a file named "undoLog.txt" within the step.

Each step will also contain a file named "Command_Status.txt" where you can easily check whether the step was "Finished success" or "Finished failure" or "Not started".

In this specific case the deployment failed in the "Deploy_Products" step. Here is what was shown in the "Command_Status.txt" file:

Command ID: 10819

Name: Deploy Products

Type: Undefined

Status: Finished failure

Start Time: 2016-08-02 11:11:54-0500

End Time: 2016-08-02 11:12:04-0500

Description: Deploy the product libraries on the target systems


Detailed Output Table:

Name                       Lines  Format   Filename

messageLog                   24      U     25726-messageLog.txt

ftpLog                       35      U     25727-ftpLog.txt

PKG1UTILOUT                  38      U     25729-PKG1UTILOUT.txt

PKG1SMPOUT                  272      U     25730-PKG1SMPOUT.txt

PKG1SYSPRINT                185      U     25731-PKG1SYSPRINT.txt

undoLog                       2      U     25733-undoLog.txt      


Looking at each of the output filenames the "messageLog.txt" and "PKG1SYSPRINT.txt" files presented a clue to the problem. Here it was determined that remote deployment failed for the package because one of the product target libraries on the remote system was already allocated, but the allocation was too small. This resulted in a failure during IEBCOPY processing.




In this situation the best thing to do was to change the "Style of Deployment". Do this by selecting the Deployments tab and clicking on Maintain Methodologies under the "Actions" area. Under "Actions" select Edit for the appropriate deployment methodology being used. Where it shows "Style of Deployment" select Replace and save the change. Replace removes any existing deployment data sets and creates new ones. So prior to creating any data sets on the remote system, all existing data sets are removed: the system first allocates all target data sets and then deletes them. If any data set is used by another user or application, the data set cannot be deleted, and the whole deployment fails. In this case, no data sets are deleted.


Additional Information

Review the CA Chorus Software Manager documentation on DocOps for more information

For more information, see the online help by clicking on the Help button on the specific area within CA CSM.