Client Automation - What do the Extension in the Collect Folders mean?
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Client Automation - What do the Extension in the Collect Folders mean?


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Here is the explanation about the extensions in the Collect Folders.


Client Automation - All Versions


Agent Inventory is stored in the CA\DSM\ServerDB\Sector\Collect\0000001 and 0000002 folders

Here is a list of the extensions and what files types they are:    

Extention:filetype                   (description)                             Engine status Logs on successful completion


NEW :   New file                      (for collect new unit)                                      Created 

F:         Configuration               (for collect configuration)                                Configuration information updated for

M:        MIF                             (mif inventory information)                             MIF Inventory information updated for 

- :        Status                         (for updating status information for unit)          Status information updated for 

L:         Filelist                         (fetching file list information)                          File Manager information updated for 

N:         Software unknown       (unidentified software information)                  Unknown Software information updated for 

W:        Software detected        (detected software inventory)                         Software Inventory information updated for 

T:         Timestamp                  (for collecting time stamp info)                       Execution date information updated for 

D:         Raw file                      (raw file info)                                                               <>

I:          Hardware inventory     (hardware inventory information)                     Inventory information updated for 

A:         Alarm                         ()                                                                                <>

H:         Metering                     (software metering information)                      Software Usage information updated for

U:         Auditing                     (audit information)                                         Auditing information updated for


S:         Scriptjobstatus            (status of the script job associated)                                 <>


C:         AC Audit                    (for ca_ac_audit_log table)                                              <>


‘<>’ means no specific information printed in engine status logs, one must check the detailed level engine logs(TRC_*)

for the individual class’s perform() operation status.