CA View utility that shows archive volser numbers
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CA View utility that shows archive volser numbers


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Is there a utility or report that shows the tape volser numbers associated with the archived reports?




There is a View utility that you can run to list the volser numbers associated to your archive "datasets".


- Run the SARPAC utility using the REPORT parameter (PGM=SARPAC,PARM='view_hlq,REPORT') and it will show you the Tape Sequence Number (TSEQ), Dataset name, and archive VOLSER tape numbers. 


*Note- Make sure you specify the REPORT parameter so it runs in "simulate" mode or a SARPAC process will actually occur. 




Tseq  Data Set Name                          Volser 

----   --------------------------------------  ---------

1      VIEW.R122.SARTAPE.T0000001  277963 

2      VIEW.R122.SARTAPE.T0000002  575406 

3      VIEW.R122.SARTAPE.T0000003  590908 


- Perhaps you will then be able to associate the VOLSER numbers to which reports are on that particular tape using the tape sequence number (TSEQ) field in conjunction with the output from the SARBCH /LIST ID=* GEN=* report which lists the archived reports and, in the second to last column on the right, shows which (TSEQ) the reports reside on. 


Release: OUTDTI00200-12.1-Deliver-Output Management-Interface for Native TSO