What is an Unplaced Model in Spectrum
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What is an Unplaced Model in Spectrum


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CA Spectrum


After Auto discovery or Discovery runs, you may see unplaced models. Why are unplaced models connected to devices in the topology view in OneClick. 

What is an Unplaced Model in Spectrum


An unplaced model is similar to a fan-out model and is used as a placeholder for routing devices. When Auto Discovery runs, SPECTRUM reads router interface tables and identifies the subnets that a router is routing to. Auto Discovery then creates LAN containers to contain models found within each subnet range.

Because routing devices can route between multiple LANs, they are considered in the SPECTRUM topology to exist at the same level as these LAN containers. To represent this scenario, an unplaced model is created inside that LAN container and a connection is made between the routing interface and the unplaced model. This connection is represented as a pipe between the router and the LAN model.

The unplaced model serves as a placeholder until a more detailed discovery identifies the actual device that the router is connected to. For example, if you run a discovery that includes devices within that subnet, then layer 2 discovery should resolve the connection between the interface and the actual device. Once this connection is resolved, the connection between the interface and the unplaced model is broken. If an unplaced model is identified during a subsequent Auto Discovery without any connections, it is destroyed.