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Online Backup OLB Fault-Tolerant Database Synchronization Failure due to non-empty "Backup Main LS Port" SCP entry field


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CA Spectrum


The Fault-Tolerant Database Synchronization does not launch after an OnLine Backup of Main Location Server.

This problem is only observed on the MLS pair (primary and secondary) in a DSS environment.


CA Spectrum 9.x, 10.x


There is a Location Server misconfiguration. On the MLS (Main Location Server) primary and secondary servers, the "Backup Main LS Host" and the "Backup Main LS Port" fields cannot be filled in.



The "Backup Main LS Host" and the "Backup Main LS Port" fields in the Location Server configuration must be empty in the Main Location Server (MLS) SpectroSERVER configurations only. The Location Server code keeps track of the SpectroSERVERs and by the precedence values knows which SpectroSERVER is the backup.  Clear these settings.  Once the changes are saved, the Location Server needs to be restarted.

Then you may need to reload the SSdb database on the secondary MLS host.

../SS-Tools/SSdbload -il -add precedence savefile


Supply the Backup Main LS Host and Port on the others DSS (Distributed SpectroSERVERs), on both primary and secondary servers. The primary and secondary (pair) servers must have the same entries in the Location Server Settings.

Additional Information

Please reference the "Establishing Fault Tolerance" section of the documentation for more information.


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