S0C4 in local mode database utilities
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S0C4 in local mode database utilities


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IDMS IDMS - Database


An unexpected S0C4 abend is occurring in a local mode database utility.

This problem has been seen in module IDMSDBL2 in UNLOAD/RELOAD and in IDMSDBX2 in REORG.



Release: All supported releases.


The utility is attempting to update a field in the subschema load module. This will happen if the subschema load module was loaded from STEPLIB (as opposed to the DDLDCLOD area), was link edited as REENTRANT, and the STEPLIB is APF authorized.

A common scenario that raises this problem is that it is an IDMS dictionary that is the target of the unload/reload or REORG. In this case, the network subschemas that have to be used are most often loaded from a loadlib and are also linked RENT (the IDMS install process does this). So all that has to be new for this problem to suddenly appear is that all of the loadlibs in STEPLIB become APF authorized - and this is quite common now that AllowUserKeyCSA(NO) is compulsory.


Re-link the subschema load module as NORENT or add any non APF authorized load library to STEPLIB (to un-authorize it).