Removing Legacy Policies from Spectrum Policy Manager
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Removing Legacy Policies from Spectrum Policy Manager


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I am trying to use Attribute Editor but when I try to change the attribute value, I get an error that this change conflicts with an existing policy. I notice I have a Legacy policy that is causing the conflict, but I cannot edit it from OneClick. How do I remove this Legacy policy from Policy Manager




An Attribute can only exist in one policy at a time. If an attribute to be changed exists in a Legacy policy, then the policy.xml and policy_rules.xml files would need to be edited to either remove the rule on the attribute, or remove the Legacy policy. 

The Policy Manager User Guide recommends removing Legacy policies and recreating them using OneClick. This is due to the fact that it is easier to edit and manage policies that are created in OneClick. 



Here are steps to follow to remove the Legacy policy:

1. Using Policy Manager, expand the Legacy policy and the associated Rules. Make note of the Rules so they can be recreated later. 

2. Go to the <SPECROOT>/PolicyMgmt folder on the Landscape which holds the policy xml files. 

3. You should see policy.xml.applied and other *xml.applied files in this folder. the .applied extension means these policy parameters are currently in use. 

4. Make a backup of these files if you do not intent to remove all Legacy policies.


5. Remove the *.applied extension from the filenames.

6. Edit the policy.xml and locate the <policy></policy> tags containing the Policy you wish to remove and delete the policy. Save the file. 

7. Edit the policy-rules.xml and locate the <policy-rule></policy rule> tags which contain the policy rules. Make note of the port-policy-search-criteria name and the policy-settings name. Remove the policy rules and save the file.  

8. Edit the policy-search-criteria.xml and locate the <policy-search-criteria</policy-search-criteria> tags containing the policy search criteria. Remove the policy search criteria and save the file.  

9. Edit the policy-settings.xml and locate the <policy-settings</policy-settings> tag containing the policy settings. Remove the policy settings and save the file. 

10.  In OneClick, go to Explorer tab > Policy Manager.

11. On the Information tab for Policy Manager, select the Landscape containing the policy xml files and click Reload.

12. The policy should be removed. If not, an alarm on Policy Manager will be generated. Review the alarm details to see what files have failed to load and the cause. 


If you wish to remove all Legacy policies, the process similar but with a few exceptions.

1. First, use Policy Manager to access the Legacy Policy's policy Rules and make note of any that you wish to recreate in OneClick later.  

2. Go to the <SPECROOT>/PolicyMgmt folder on the Landscape which holds the policy xml files.

3. Remove the *.applied extension from policy.xml.applied.

4. Edit the policy.xml and locate any and all <policy></policy> tags and either remove them (if custom) or comment them out of the xml with <!-- --> tags. Save the file. 

5. Delete the other *xml.applied files.

6. Go into the <SPECROOT>/PolicyMgmt/Spectrum folder.

7. Copy/Move the existing default policy-enforcement-config.xml, policy-model-search-criterial.xml, policy-rules.xml and policy-settings.xml into <SPECROOT>/PolicyMgmt.

8. Continue from step 10 above using OneClick to access Policy Manager to reload the files.

9. All Legacy policies should now be removed from OneClick. 

Additional Information

Please reference the "Legacy XML-based Policies" section of the documentation for more information.

Attached is a zip file of "blanked out" policy files that can be placed into the $SPECROOT/PolicyMgmt folder - once there, press the Reload button in the Policy Manager Information view to remove the legacy policies.

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