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How to prevent that the Form customizations affect the Requests already opened


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When a Form is customized/changed, that change are reflected in all Requests that uses that form, including the Requested opened previously. 

This means that, if customer add a reuired field in the form, all old Requests will have a new empty required field in that Form.


Service Catalog 12.8, 12.9, 14.1


This happens because the Form for that Service got changed literally, in a sense, the Service won't use an "old" Form to display. 

Also, in Catalog system, it doesn't do versions control for the same Form.





When customers need to make an update to a form without affecting requests that have already been submitted, do the following in the Form Designer:

For this example, we will assume the name of the form that needs to be modified is "Form1". 


1. Create a new folder called "Retired Forms". 

2. Make a copy of "Form1". The new copy will be called "Copy of Form1". 

3. Rename "Form1" to "Form1 - yyyy/mm/dd" (replace yyyy/mm/dd with the current date). 

4. Move "Form1 - yyyy/mm/dd" to the "Retired Forms" folder. 

5. Rename "Copy of Form1" to "Form1". 

6. Update "Form1" as needed. 

7. Modify the Service Options, which are currently pointing to "Form1 - yyyy/mm/dd", so they point to the new "Form1". 


This way, all existing requests, will be referencing "Form1 - yyyy/mm/dd" and all new requests will reference "Form1".