TASKLIB=Automatic fails during allocation
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TASKLIB=Automatic fails during allocation


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Vtape Virtual Tape System



- When split level maintenance is active trying to allocate the TASKLIB as a PDS as the Dataclas is set to EXTENDED fails as we requires a PS allocation.  This starts with z/OS 2.2.


- This is because you use the VTPARMS TASKLIB=AUTOMATIC. If you do not have a specific SMS Dataclas to manage the temporary data set allocation, you will get the problem because we will use the CA Vtape Dataclas instead, which has the EXTENDED attribute.

The solution consists in several ways:

1. Use another Dataclas to allocate the temporary data set asked by CA Vtape Tasklib parameter. This Dataclas could be used also for all CA Vtape allocations done at startup like the control unit drives.

2. Modify the VTPARMS using : TASKLIB=STEPLIB or TASKLIB=your preallocated dsn or just disable this checking by coding TASKLIB=DISABLED which is the default. Review the documentation for more details.

Additional Information:

- Review the CA Vtape configuration guide PARMLIB chapter. 

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Vtape if you have further questions.


Release: ESPVTP99000-12.6-CA-Vtape-Virtual Tape System-Extended Support Basic