Data Protection integration using an EMC SourceOne Office 365 job
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Data Protection integration using an EMC SourceOne Office 365 job


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CA Data Protection (DataMinder)


CA Data Protection (DataMinder) 14.5 can integrate with the EMC SourceOne (EMC S1) archiving solutions for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes Domino. It can also integrate with EMC SourceOne when it is being used to archive internet (RFC822) emails. Integration is provided through a business component extension (BCE) for SourceOne, wgnemcs1.dll. 

By default mail messages ingested into Data Protection (DataMinder) 14.5 through the EMC S1 integration using an EMC SourceOne Office 365 job are not de-enveloped and this results in policy being applied to a journal report and not the embedded message.

FIX:RO90350 (incorporating Integration_14.5_HF0194 and Integration_x64_14.5_HF0195) was introduced to enhances the existing EMC S1 Integration functionality by enabling Office 365 Journal Reports to be de-enveloped and the correct Data Protection (DataMinder) policy applied.

After applying this fix customers noticed instances of mails that appear to have no recipients.  Further analysis revealed that the BCC recipient information is missing.


CA Data Protection (DataMinder) 14.5 integrated using an EMC SourceOne Office 365 jobs


In the enhancement introduced in FIX:RO90350, Data Protection code de-envelops the mail in smtputils and sends the event for processing. However the BCC information was not being extracted from the journal mail.


This issue is addressed by FIX:SO01032 (incorporating Integration_14.5_HF0239 and Integration_x64_14.5_HF0240). The BCC issue is fixed by retrieving information from the original Journal mail stored in the EMC S1 archive. 

Additional Information

FIX:SO01032 fix is available to download from the CA Support Portal (