*SARDBI11 RECORD NOT FOUND, IFBKEY= 'with specific numbers'
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*SARDBI11 RECORD NOT FOUND, IFBKEY= 'with specific numbers'


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While running SARPAC, I received the following error: *SARDBI11 RECORD NOT FOUND, IFBKEY= 'with specific numbers’.  Why is this message generated?



The SARDBI11 message is generated because a View standard backup and SARPAC are running at the same time and these conditions are met:


  • The first step of the SARPAC job builds a table of reports that it is going to consolidate (ex: one report to be consolidated is Rpt XYZ).
  • Phase 2 of the backup cycle is responsible for expiring report(s) from the View database. (ex: one report to be expired is Rpt XYZ).
  • Then SARPAC performs its second function, by writing the report(s) from the table to a new tape, but SARPAC cannot find the report(s) it needs to consolidate because it was already deleted by the backup. (ex: one report that SARPAC wants to consolidate is RPT XYZ), causing the message to be generated.


 Additional Information:

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA View if you have further questions.



Release: OUTDTI00200-12.1-Deliver-Output Management-Interface for Native TSO