Under CentOS 7.2, the Gen 8.6 GUI Build Tool splash screen displays briefly and then exits (java.lang.NullPointerException at com.ca.gen.bt.Bldtool.BThost.setHost)


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The CA Gen 8.6 GUI Build Tool fails to start on CentOS 7.2 i.e. the splash screen displays briefly and then exits.

If modify the $IEFH/bt/bldtool script if block "if [ "$1" = "" ]", replacing ">/dev/null" with ">bt.out" the bt.out file shows:


at com.ca.gen.bt.Bldtool.BThost.setHost(Unknown Source) 

at com.ca.gen.bt.Bldtool.BThost.<init>(Unknown Source) 

at com.ca.gen.bt.Bldtool.Hostinfo.add(Unknown Source) 

at com.ca.gen.bt.Bldtool.BTGUI.<init>(Unknown Source) 

at com.ca.gen.bt.Bldtool.MainProgramStarter.<init>(Unknown Source) 

at com.ca.gen.bt.Bldtool.Bldtool.main(Unknown Source) 

Error starting the build tool error = null 


The Build Tool server also shows this error on startup

java.net.UnknownHostException: centos.localdomain: centos.localdomain: unknown error

This exception means that the server hostname "centos.localdomain" is not resolving to an IP Address


CA Gen 8.6 Implementation Toolset running under CentOS 7.2


Add an entry for the server hostname with IP Address into the /etc/hosts file