Client tools error: Unknown error 0x800A0E7A while trying to connect Database
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Client tools error: Unknown error 0x800A0E7A while trying to connect Database


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Installed client tools on Windows 2012 but getting below error while trying to connect database.

Unknown error 0x800A0E7A: Provider cannot be found. it may not be properly installed.

I tried uninstall and install multiple times but getting the same error.


Release: CAIDMB99000-12.6-Identity Manager-B to B


Database client tools may have been installed AFTER the Governanceminder client tools, this should be done before.


Uninstall and Reinstall the database client tools with the Governanaceminder tools installed.

You have to pick one of these to install and a requirement to installing the Governanceminder tools:
(Optional) Microsoft SQL Native Client 2005—Only required if you reference a remote SQL Server instance or if you have a local Microsoft SQL 2008 database.
(Optional) Oracle Client—Only required if you reference a remote Oracle Database instance. CA Identity Governance uses the following Oracle Client components: Oracle Database Utilities, SQL *Plus, Oracle Objects for OLE, and Oracle Provider for OLE DB.

Once installed you can check to make sure they are available with this set of troubleshooting steps:

The proper Oracle client tools may not be installed.
You can check to see if the Oracle provider is
available on your machine by creating a UDL file
to check if the Oracle Provider is installed. A UDL
(Universal Data Link) is a Microsoft file type that
works just like the ODBC manager in the control panel,
but instead of storing connection information in the
system registry it stores the information in a text file.

To create a UDL file follow these steps:

Create a text file on desktop.
Rename it as filename .UDL
Double click and open the new file.
In the Datalink properties dialog screen, click the Provider tab.
Check for the Provider in the provider list.