Asset Job is staying in Waiting Status
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Asset Job is staying in Waiting Status


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager CA Client Automation CA Client Automation - Patch Manager


An Asset job remains in status Waiting for a lot of computers. It is not executed by AM Agent.

Others AM jobs and collect tasks are correctly executed by AM Agent





Client Automation - All versions


This problem could occur if option "This job is allowed to run unattended" is not checked in Scheduling Options - Miscellaneous tab of AM Job properties.



1- In ITCM Explorer, right click on the AM job and select properties in popup menu.

2- Click on Scheduling tab and click on button "Set Scheduling...".

3- Click on Miscellaneous tab and check the option "This job is allowed to run unattended".


4- Click OK buttons to validate the modifications.


5- Wait that Engine executes again the Scalability Server Collect job in order to update the job file with new properties on the Sector.