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Action Linked to custom process in Cost Plan object drop out of the box actions


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


1) Have an environment financially enabled 

2) Go to Cost Plan Object / Views 

3) Click at 'Restore Default' and then 'Publish' 

4) Create a Project and add a team member / task and assign task to that role 

5) Click at 'Financial Plans' 

6) Check at right corner 'Actions' option will displays both out of the box actions ('New from Investment Team' and 'New from Task Assignment') 

7) Go to Administration / Processes and create a new one associating to Cost Plan Object (start to finish) 

8) Validate and activate the process 

9) Go to Administration / Objects and filter by 'Cost Plan' 

10) Click at 'Actions' Tab and create a new action 

 10.1 - Action Name: Test 

 10.2 - Action ID: test 

 10.3 - Type: Process 

 10.4 - Select Process: << assign our process created in step #7 >> 

 10.5 - Alert Users: checked 

11) Click at 'Views' tab under Cost Plan object 

12) In the 'Cost Plan List' row click at '[Actions Menu]' 

13) Click at 'General' link 

14) From 'Available actions' column move to the right our action created in step #10 and save and return 

15) Go again to the Project / Financial Plans tab and check 'Actions', you only will see custom action, out of the box are dropped


CA PPM 14.4CA PPM 15.1




A product defect has been created: CLRT-81521

Additional Information

For workaround purpose you can do a restore defaults and then publish from cost plan object related to cost plan list row