Reprinting archived data back into CA Bundls Current Reports screen
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Reprinting archived data back into CA Bundls Current Reports screen


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Is there a batch utility that will assist with getting archived CA Bundl reports back to the current reports screen so that they can be viewed?



Yes, the CC50J080 (PGM=DPMB080) utility can be used to both LIST the desired archived reports as well as generate actual REPRINT requests that, when processed by the CC50J005 Reprint Distribution process, will put the reports back into the CA Bundl View Page files (VPF's) for viewing.


The CC50J080 utility is a multi-purpose utility that can be used to perform a lot of different functions based on the control parameters that are chosen in the jobs JCL. The PRIMARY control parameters used for the DPMB080 program are the INDEX and FUNCTION statements. These dictate which specific INDEX will be used to select the records from and which specific FUNCTION will be performed. Typically, the primary control parameters are used in conjunction with one or more "report selection" control parameters which allow you to be selective in limiting processing to only the specific entries that you are interested in.


  • Our use case example for this article will be that you need to put all reports that were archived for MAILCODE=ABC123 from your weekly archive consolidation file back into the the Current Reports screen for viewing.   


For the purpose of LISTING which specific reports from the weekly archive consolidation file meet this criteria, you would invoke the following control items by uncommenting them (remove the * from column 1) in the jobs execution JCL. Note that the MAILC and DSNME control items are the optional report selection control items used to limit report selection: 




MAILC=ABC123  (NOTE - This must be the fully qualified name of the file - Example: BUNDL.R50.WEEKLY.ARCGDG.G0005V00)


Keep any control parameters that you are NOT going to use for a particular execution of the utility commented out by leaving the asterisk in column 1 in front of those control items.


The above control statements will only produce a REPORT showing you what reports for MAILCODE=ABC123 are on the weekly archive file.


For the purpose of actually building the reprint entries for these reports and getting them put back into the Current Reports screen for viewing, you will need to comment out the FUNCT=LIST parameter and uncomment the FUNCT=REPRINT parameter as well as add a couple additional control items that will dictate how the reprints will be distributed when they are processed by the CC50J005 Reprint Distribution job. To build the reprint entries correctly, your control statements should look like the following:









Execution of the CC50J080 utility with the above control items will build the reprint requests for these reports and will put them in the Bundl RIFO file. In order to get the reports actually put back into Current Reports, these RIFO entries must be processed by the CC50J005 Reprint Distribution job.




When you run the CC50J005 job to process these particular reprint entries back to Current Reports, be sure to set the control PARM on the PGM=DPMB005A step as PARM='R0000' for this run.


Setting PARM='R0000' for the DPMB005A program tells the utility to "select both completed and non-completed reprint requests".


Additional Information:

For more information on the CC50J080 (PGM=DPMB080) utility, please refer to the CA Bundl Administrators Guide, Chapter 11, where we document "CA-Bundl Program: DPMB080". 


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