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When attempting to log in Xtraction with Windows Authentication mode the following error occurs "Authentication Failed Invalid signature"


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When attempting to log in Xtraction with any user that belongs to Windows Authentication , it fails with the following error:

Authentication Failed
Invalid signature. Expected Gjl7e0HAyiVhey8y64VAJS8e0gGH40fDwBJOnTp3JmY= got bqYtzR1lmyFb3MRFlndsklJiToFwzX3pY4a06oYNaXA=

Xtraction logs do not register any message.


Service Desk 14.1 integrated with Xtraction 15.1


The token key was changed in the Xtraction settings but it was not modified in the web.config file

In order to work with Windows Authentication, both token key and web.config, must have the same value in order to work properly. This is specified in the Installation guide under Authentication settings.


1. Update the secretkey in the file web.config located in the following path ..\Xtraction\Web\WinAuth\Web.config
2. Restart IIS
3. Delete the browser cache
4. Test the log in the application with any Windows account.