How to audit calendar changes in Workload Automation AE
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How to audit calendar changes in Workload Automation AE


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A calendar has disappeared.  We would like to find out how it was removed, when it was removed, and from where. Is there any tracking available for calendars?




Workload Automation AE


If autotrack is enabled one may running the following command:

autotrack -t C -v 


That would display the audit details for ALL calendar changes that are within the db.   It will show the calendar name, username/id that changed it and what type of change (insert, update, delete).  It will not show the actual dates added or deleted. 

NOTE - This is only available if autotrack was enabled at the time of the change. 

To see if autotrack is on nowm issue : autotrack -l 

To enable autotrack: autotrack -u 1 or autotrack -u 2

By default only 7 days of audit information are stored in the database. 

After that the information is archived to the $AUTOUSER/archive/archived_* files.

To adjust the amount of history retained in the database see $AUTOSYS/bin/DBMaint and archive_events.