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Introscope Webstart not working in jre1.8


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


Where Java Deployment Rule Set is enabled in an environment, this is an extra security level to control whether certain Java client applications can be accessed.

When this is enabled, the Introscope Workstation WebStart will not start

There is no particular error message for this, the WebStart will just not load. 



Discovered and only tested in APM 10.3 but same change could be suitable for earlier APM releases


The DRS configuration for Java 8 requires that there is a href value in the JNLP file which is used to launch the WebStart application.

This href needs to point to the location from where the jnlp file is launched

This href is not configured by default in the page that generates the JNLP file.


The href value can be added manually.


1) Go to your MOM or standalone Enterprise Manager, to this particular folder


(the 10.3.0 value would be change if you are changing this on a different release)


2) Open the workstation.jsp in a text editor

3) Locate the following section of the file


<jnlp codebase="<%= codeBase%>" >


4) Modify the same section to look like this

<jnlp codebase="<%= codeBase%>" href="workstation.jnlp" >


5) The EM will need to be restarted. Before doing that, as a precaution, please clean out all cached data in the following places:

<EM_HOME>/product/enterprisemanager/configuration - remove all files except config.ini

<EM_HOME>/work - remove all files


6) Before accessing the Workstation WebStart again, please clear your browser cache


The Workstation WebStart application should now be accessible


Additional Information

If there are still issues with launching Workstation WebStart at this time, the cached version of Workstation WebStart should be removed from the client machine.From the command-line, run the command javaws -viewer

In Applications, remove the release of Introscope Workstation you are trying to use

In Resources, remove all files downloaded from the EM (you can recognise this by the host/port values in the URL column) in case you are using other WebStart applications

In Deleted Applications, make sure any entries here are also removed


We will make an update in a future release of APM to include the value, you are free to make the change in any future release until it is there by default.


Link to information about Java Deployment Rule Sets