Spectrum installation fails on Linux with permission denied errors.
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Spectrum installation fails on Linux with permission denied errors.


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CA Spectrum


While trying to install Spectrum on linux system, we receive a permission denied error.  The installer starts and unpacks the files but after unpacking, the process stops with permission errors as follows:

/sdic/Linux/srainstall.bin: line 3420: /tmp/install.dir.2855/Linux/resource/jre/bin/java: Permission denied 

/sdic/Linux/srainstall.bin: line 3420:cexec: /tmp/install.dir.2855/Linux/resource/jre/bin/java: cannot execute: Permission denied 


Release:This happens on hardened Linux servers so the Spectrum version is irrelevant.



It is standard practice in many organizations to harden new servers, to make them more secure. 

One such security measure is to remove execute permission from the tmp folder via fstab.


Run per "root" the mount command to get a full listing for all partitions and configured options.

Edit /etc/fstab file to check the following configuration options and remove noexec for the "/tmp" partition.


noexec – Do not set execution of any binaries on this partition (prevents execution of binaries but allows scripts).

Sample /etc/fstab entry to to limit user access on /dev/sda5 (ftp server root directory):


/dev/sda5  /ftpdata          ext3    defaults,nosuid,nodev,noexec 1 2


The other fstab entries do not have any effect on this error.

nodev – Do not allow character or special devices on this partition (prevents use of device files such as zero, sda etc).

nosuid – Do not set SUID/SGID access on this partition (prevent the setuid bit).

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