Reports not working correctly (data missing or errors)


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One or more of the following symptoms are experienced in Advanced Reporting:

  • Stock reports are not showing updated data 
  • No data is displayed in the report (report is blank)
  • An "invalid identifier" error indicating a synchronization issue between the PPM and DWH schema.
  • This may impact custom and/or out of the box reports


The tables in the Data Warehouse are not being updated.


Release: All Supported Releases


To populate the Data Warehouse, run the following jobs:

1. Time Slicing
2. Update Report Tables
3. Load Data Warehouse (Load DWH) with the 'full' option if 

  • an incremental Load DWH job fails
  • a new language is added in the data warehouse
  • an entity for fiscal time periods is changed in the data warehouse.
  • a data warehouse time slice is changed to include a larger time frame.
  • an attribute is deleted or unselected from the data warehouse via Administration > Studio.
  • an attribute data type is changed.