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Errors importing multiple Monitoring Profiles via REST


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Error returned by REST client when attempting to import Monitoring Profile entries.

Importing Monitoring Profiles via a REST client fail with errors. 

The following error is seen in the REST client during Monitoring Profile import:


<LocalizedMessage>"The web service request failed because the XML provided in the request's body did not conform to the defined schema (see the documentation at 'monitoringprofiles/documentation' for access to the schema definitions).The specific error was: 'Error on line 1: cvc-elt.1.a: Cannot find the declaration of element 'MonitoringProfileList'.".</LocalizedMessage>



All Supported CA Performance Manager releasesObserved/reported to the Support team against the r2.8 GA Release.


Due to multiple Monitoring Profiles in a single XML body input request.

This is not supported in the REST functionality available from CA Performance Manager at this time.

At this time the product only supports input of a single Monitoring Profile per REST PUT request.


Two solution options are available:

  1. Create a single XML body representing each Monitoring Profile that requires import into the CA Performance Manager system. Import them one by one via a REST client.
  2. Create a single XML file representing each Monitoring Profile that requires import into the CA Performance Manager system.
    1. Using the Certification Installer create a folder, or an archive, that contains all Monitoring Profile files.
    2. Point the Certification Installer to the Zip/Archive of the files, or a folder containing the files
    3. Allow it to import them automatically.

More information about the Certification Installer can be found in the CA Performance Manager Wiki documentation.