Where to store user profiles on a Citrix server
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Where to store user profiles on a Citrix server


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ESP Workload Automation


How do we store unique user profiles on a Citrix Server?


On each Citrix server that has ESP Workstation installed see the steps below:

   1. Specify a path that each Citrix 'user' has read/write access. (Path should be the home path unique to each user)
   2. Modify the ESP User Profile Directory in the registry entry at HKLM\Software\Cybermation\ESPWS
       Example: H:\ESP_PROFILE\user for each user.

Note: ESP Workstation will use the registry settings on the Citrix server to locate the profile. 
         Example: Each user connects to a Citrix server and gets drive H: mapped to a path containing their data. The user settings in H:\ESP_PROFILE allow them to maintain their profile separately from other users.