Attempts to validate a new AE server in WCC fail with Error: E190099
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Attempts to validate a new AE server in WCC fail with Error: E190099


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Attempts to validate a new Workload Automation AE server defined to Workload Control Center (WCC) fails with

Error: E190099 ACE  - Connection exception encountered. CAUAJM_E_00064 Return code 5 received processing request..





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Often WCC validation issues stem from the agent's inability to authenticate the monitor id.  Review the agent's spool sub-directories for application server communication.  A common problem is chkusr failures which will be seen in the logs.  Review the agentparm.txt on the application server host for invalid or extra pam settings.  Changes to the agentparm.txt file require a restart of the agent to take effect.

Sample spool directory location: /opt/CA/WorkloadAutomationAE/SystemAgent/WA_AGENT/spool/ACE_APP_host1/MAIN/WAAE_WF0.1

As a test run the chkusr command as seen in the files in the spool directory which show the failure.  If they fail from a command line as well then consider changing the oscomponent.auth.pam.svc= value.  If the command succeeds from a command line, look for a setting of pam.lib in the agentparm.txt file, comment it out and restart the agent.

For more details on the agentparm.txt file please refer to the CA Workload Automation Agent for UNIX, Linux, or Windows Implementation Guide.