SAR Report - Sysout collected on a specific day between specific time frame.
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SAR Report - Sysout collected on a specific day between specific time frame.


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Can CA View produce a report that would allow us to see the specific sysouts that were collected on a specific day for a specific time frame?




The SAR report that would most closely match your request and provide the information that you need would be the "ADLIST – Archive Date Reporting Utility (SARSAM8)" report.


For more information about the ADLIST program, take a look at the member called SARSAM8 in the CA View installed ".CVDEOPTN" library. Among the various parameters that this ADLIST report program provides are: 






In order to execute the ADLIST program, you would first need to assemble/link the program into the CA View load library.


A sample SMP/E procedure, member name BRMSSAMX, is provided in View installed CVDEJCL library. This job can be modified and used to install the SARSAM Sample Programs which are located in the CVDEOPTN Library. The procedure must be modified based on the SARSAM Sample to be installed.


The example provided in the "NOTES" section of the BRMSSAMX member are actually examples for installation of the SARSAM8 (ADLIST) program specifically. The "NOTES" section provides the instructions for the modifications that you need to make for installation of a SARSAM program.


Additional Information: 

For additional information on the SARSAM routines and installation, you can refer to "Chapter 1: Database Utilities" in the CA View Programming Guide.


Release: OUTDTI00200-12.1-Deliver-Output Management-Interface for Native TSO