What do I have to do to stop message ACF79410 at IPL time?
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What do I have to do to stop message ACF79410 at IPL time?


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What do I have to do to make sure that message ACF79410 does not appear at IPL time?



Message ACF79410 is issued at IPL time if you have the NOVSAMFAIL option set in the ACF2 GSO RULEOPTS record.
It exists to warn that certain validations against VSAM clusters are being ignored.

PTF RO58015 introduced the message and has the following description.

PTF RO55085 removed the incorrect bypass for the validation of a
VSAM OPEN if attribute TCBFSM is set in the current TCB. TCBFSM
will get set only if the task was attached with the SM=SUPV
parameter which says that the attached task should get control in
supervisor state. Since the removal of the incorrect check for  
TCBFSM could result in an unexpected violation, a new control option  
of VSAMFAIL in the GSO RULEOPTS record is being introduced for  
migration purposes. VSAM OPEN requests issued without TCBFSM being
set are not affected and will continue to be validated as before.     

The GSO RULEOPTS will default to NOVSAMFAIL. With NOVSAMFAIL set a  
validation that was previously ignored due to TCBFSM will now be  
validated. If the validation fails the violation will be treated  
as a WARN mode failure. The WARN mode processing will generate
the ACF99913 violation messaqe, cut an VIO/WARN SMF record and
generate a message with the content of the GSO WARN data. The  
final disposition will be an allow return code.                       

Once all the necessary ACF2 permissions are in place the site  
should change the GSO RULEOPTS value to VSAMFAIL and issue a
'F ACF2,REFRESH(RULEOPTS)' to start enforcing the previously
allowed VSAM OPEN requests.                                           

Warning message ACF79410 will be issued during ACF2 startup or  
during a GSO refresh of RULEOPTS if NOVSAMFAIL is in effect.           


Component: ACF2MS