APARS / PTFs no longer there after ACCEPT
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APARS / PTFs no longer there after ACCEPT


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Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager)


I am doing an install of a product. I have multiple zones, Target and Distribution pairs.
When I completed the receive and apply, I am doing an accept on ALL zones and when CA CSM completes the first zone accept the next one fails as it cannot find the PTFs in the GLOBAL zone.

How can this be avoided?

 It is SMP/E that deletes the PTF's from the global zone with the relfiles when the accept is done for the first distribution zone. Therefore when the accept starts for the second distribution zone the GIM40101E messages occur. Since the delete is done by SMP/E the best we can do without having IBM modifying SMP/E to optionally retain the PTF's in the global zone is to do this.

Select one of the distribution zones for the accept. Run that accept for that zone then after that is done go Back to the maintenance tab with the list of PTF's that should still all be selected, click receive on the command line:

Select and: Receive | Apply | Accept | Accept GROUPEXTEND | Reject | Restore

This will receive the PTF's again back in the global zone. After this receive is done do the accept for the other zone. If there are more zones then receive should be done after each accept for the next accept to be successful. 

 Additional Information:
CA CSM Administration Guide


Release: MSMNGR00200-5.1-Chorus Software Manager