How can I be sure that Intercepts do not get started by accident?
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How can I be sure that Intercepts do not get started by accident?


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 I want to make sure that the intercepts do not start, how can I disable them and be sure they cannot be restarted?



To disable the intercepts and make sure they cannot be started, we need to delete the existing definitions and add new definitions for the RPI tasks using the ACTION option setting of NOI. 

 Let's say you are using RPI1, RPI2, SAPIRPI1 and SAPIRPI2... 

- First go into Dispatch option 8 from the main menu,  You will be on the VOPMI000, Operations Option Menu.

- Enter a 1.  You will be on the VOPMI100 Subtask Status Screen.

- Using the appropriate E and I commands, END the SAPIRPI tasks, the RPI tasks and the intercepts if they are active.  

Make a note of the class and destination that each task has been defined to process. 

- When the tasks show as Not Active Off , get out of CA Dispatch and go to the MVS Console to issue the following modify commands against the CADDSPLx task. 

Change the value of  'x'  to reflect the actual unique CADDSPL task suffix.

- To delete the tasks issue:  /F SPLx,del rpi1 

Do the same for RPI2. 

When you add the tasks back with the intercept functionality disabled, be sure to define them with the same class and destination processing criteria that they were previously defined with.

- To add them back issue a /F SPLx,ADD RPI1,CLASS=x,DEST=dest,Action=NOI 

Do the same for RPI2 but with the unique class/dest it is supposed to process. 

- You can then log back into Dispatch and start the RPI and SAPIRPI tasks.

With the Action set to NOI,  even if someone tries to start the dynamic intercept function, it will not start. Instead, you will see a "CADD505E - Unable to start intercept, not defined" message in the log. 






Release: DISPAX00200-11.7-Dispatch