SARINIT Job receives SARDBI08 error
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SARINIT Job receives SARDBI08 error


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You're attempting to run a SARINIT job and it fails with a RC=16 and issues the following error messages:

SARDBI08 - Missing high-level index name of database

SARINI20 - Processing terminated due to previous errors



The 'NAME=' parameter specifies the high-level name of the CA VIEW database that will be updated by the execution of the SARINIT job.

When the SARDBI08 error is received, chances are that you neglected to include the 'NAME=' parameter specification in your SARINIT jobs JCL.

A. The 'NAME=' parameter must be specified either as part of the jobs 'PARM=(dbname)' setting coded on the jobs EXEC SARINIT JCL statement.

B. Or, as one of the parameter values that are coded following the jobs //SYSIN DD  * statement.  

Keep in mind that the 'NAME=' parameter value is limited to a MAXIMUM of 17 characters.



Release: OUTDTI00200-12.1-Deliver-Output Management-Interface for Native TSO