How can I run a process with a domain account
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How can I run a process with a domain account


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Unicenter Job Management Option



How can I run a process with a domain account with the Universal Job Management Agent in Windows



 1)    The first option is to run all your jobs on behalf of a domain account. 

To achieve that, you have to open the "Workload Agent" service in Windows, then right click, select "properties" and click the Log On tab. 

In  this logon tab you can set a domain account with a password. 

Indeed this domain account must have all the required privileges to run jobs, like 

Act as part of the operating system 
Increase quotas 
Logon as a batch job 
Logon as a service 
Replace a process level token 

Then you have to logon on the machine with this Domain/User and password. 
If your logon is OK with this domain user/password, restart the Workload Agent


2) Second solution is to update the CA7 job definition with the Domain, User and domain password at Job  level 

3) In both cases, you'll also have to turn option SUBSEC to Y in the Universal Job Management Agent 

This is done by running this command at the MS DOS PROMPT 

   cautenv setopt subsec Y 

To verify the option is set to Y, run: "cautenv dumpini" and look for option SUBSEC  in the option environment settings 

When done you have to restart the Agent and run your test job 


Release: UWSMWL55500-11.2-Network and Systems Management-Job Management Option