Policy Xpress and Email policies
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Policy Xpress and Email policies


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Policy Xpress (herein PX) policies and Email policies are defined separately. Learn how to sync them together.


PX policies and Email policies are defined separately. What if you would like to trigger an email after a certain PX policy runs? How will you guarantee the order of execution?

PX policies have a 'priority' field but that field applies only to PX policies. So you can serialize PX policies but if your Email policies are triggered on same events then they are handled by a separate worker thread in the application server. Due to the asynchronous nature of Identity Manager , this means that emails that need to take into account variables or values calculated and set by a preceding PX policy will need to find a way to ensure the serialization.


Release: CAIDMB99000-12.6.8-Identity Manager-B to B


One way to resolve this is:

Make your email policy trigger based off of an event that runs after the PX policy runs. This may not be too easy if you need them to trigger off of the same event though.

The other way and a better way is to add an Action Rule to the PX policy itself and trigger/send the email there. If you set your email action to be last in that PX policy then you are guaranteed the preceding action rules have already run.