OM Web Viewer 12.1 & Spool large reports don't transform to PDF
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OM Web Viewer 12.1 & Spool large reports don't transform to PDF


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Output Management Web Viewer Spool View


Large AFP reports show up as text files rather than pdf files.  Is there a limit?


  • Output Management Web Viewer 12.1
  • Spool™
  • View®
  • DRAS


There is a default limit of 9,999 pages and 50,000 lines. The page limit and line limit are there for you to configure to if you need to do this for performance reasons.


The default limit of 9,999 pages and 50,000 lines can be configured.  Here are the instructions on how to configure the Spool™ Java Transformer Environment Variables.

  • The supplied CBY3OPTN member CAHAX2YP in CAI.CBY3OPTN contains the configuration Environment Variable parameters required by the Spool™ Java Transformer Interface.
  • Edit the CAHAX2YP parameter member as required by your setup.


#                                                                      #

#   CA DRAS/View/Spool Java Transformer configuration file.            #

#                                                                      #


X2YY_TRACE=MIN              Minimum Trace   
#X2YY_TRACE=ALL             Maximum Trace   
X2YY_INTYPE=COMM            List original report type as Comments   
#X2YY_INTYPE=DESC           List original report type as Descrip    
X2YY_PAGELIM=9999           Max number of pages (0-999999999)   
X2YY_LINELIM=50000          Max number of lines (0-999999999)   
X2YY_SUBID=ESF              CA Spool Subsystem ID   
X2YY_A2PD=DRASA2PD          CA Spool AFP-to-PDF transform node  
X2YY_M2PD=DRASM2PD          CA Spool Metacode-to-PDF transform node 
X2YY_M2PDPRM=DJDE           Metacode report PRMODE= 
X2YY_T2PD=DRAST2PD          CA Spool Text-to-PDF wrapper node   
X2YY_REPT=E                 If error write transform report 
#X2YY_REPT=Y                Always write transform report   
#X2YY_REPT=N                Never write transform report    
#X2YY_REPT=V                Write BX2YYTRACE and transform report   
X2YY_AFP=LINE               A2PD transform ACIF, PAGE, PDEF/FDEF file   
#X2YY_AFP=ALL               A2PD transform all AFP files    
#X2YY_AFP=PAGE              A2PD transform ACIF and PAGE files  
#X2YY_AFP=ACIF              A2PD transform ACIF files   
#X2YY_TEMPDS=KEEP           Keep temp files after transform 
X2YY_RETAIN=0               Retain output files minutes (0-9999999) 
#X2YY_RETAIN=60             Retain output files 1 hour  
#X2YY_RETAIN=2880           Retain PDF output files 2 days  
#X2YY_RETAIN=525600         Retain PDF output files 1 year  
X2YY_UTILWARN=75                Output file system utilization threshold%   
X2YY_INPUT=/usr/lpp/caspoold2e/xenos/input  Input Directory 
X2YY_OUTPUT=/usr/lpp/caspoold2e/xenos/output    Output Directory    
X2YY_REPORTS=/usr/lpp/caspoold2e/xenos/reports  Reports Directory 

Additional Information

Scroll down to see the section titled Configure Environment Variables for DRAS or Web Viewer