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STARTING JMO 3.1, getting error "Unable to start Database cashdb".


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Unicenter Job Management Option


During the starting of JMO 3.1 on Unix, I am getting following error messages:

- ERROR 282J: Maximum number of transactions is 234 

- Unable to start Database cashdb. 


CADB error code 282J means:


The number of transactions specified exceeds the maximum number allowed

The  maximum number of transactions is 234



NSM 3.1 on AIX running Job Management Option release 3.1It can happen on any Unix/Linux platform running JMO 3.1


With an editor, open file $CAIGLBL0000/sche/scripts/rc and update following line :

From: $CAIGLBL0000/bin/caidb start 'cashdb(1024,1024,1024,ON)'

To: $CAIGLBL0000/bin/caidb start 'cashdb(512,512,234,ON)'

Then restart JMO with:


unishutdown sche

unistart sche

Additional Information

The max number of transactions is driven by the third parameter.

The first two others are for internal CADB buffer size