How to upgrade CA Datacom/AD for use with CA Common Services/ENF with a small outage window
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How to upgrade CA Datacom/AD for use with CA Common Services/ENF with a small outage window


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When using CA Common Services/ENF (called ENF here) to record events in a production LPAR, having the system available is a great concern. However, in order to complete an upgrade of the CA Datacom/AD system (e.g. from version 12.0 to 14.0), ENF must be shut down.

How can we minimize the outage window while making this upgrade?


These instructions will apply to your CA Common Services/ENF environment and its MUF, whether using the ENFIMUF (internal MUF) or ENFXMUF (external MUF) configuration. Because we recommend that clients use the ENFIMUF configuration, this article will assume that perspective.

As with any upgrade of CA Datacom/AD to take the MUF from version 12.0 to version 14.0, you will do a new installation, and this will allocate all new files for the CA Datacom/AD product, but it will not allocate new files for your ENF database.

This can be a relatively easy upgrade, and you should incur only a minimal outage - there is no way to upgrade the CA Datacom/AD software without stopping ENF for a brief time. We would recommend you perform this upgrade during normal outage window, or at a time of low activity where you can shut down ENF for a minute or two.

Below is an overview of the process (the first 4 steps can be done at any time prior to your cutover):

  1. Make a copy of the ENFIMUF proc, and change the STEPLIB to the new version 14.0 loadlib.
  2. Shut down the version 14.0 MUF once the AW1ID001 job is complete.
  3. Run the CA Common Services/ENF installation job AW1ID001 - this will allocate new files and load the new version 14.0 Datadictionary. We recommend that you review your current CXX report for the ENF database in your current system (DB 700), and determine if you want to allocate the new files at the same size or larger.
  4. Go through the steps to install and configure a version 14.0 MUF as needed for ENF. Please be sure to review the README file (RI40868 (AD 14.0 #1), “*README: STATUS OF CA DATACOM/AD VERSION 14.0 Z/OS”) and follow the instructions in the CA Datacom/AD Installation Guide. Be sure to use a new, unique MUF name for this new MUF.
  5. When you are ready to complete the upgrade, you have three simple steps:
  • Stop the current ENF task (which shuts down the MUF if using ENFIMUF),
  • Rename the ENF procs as needed to activate the one with the version 14.0 loadlibs,
  • Restart the new ENFIMUF proc (which will start the version 14.0 MUF if using ENFIMUF).

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.



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