IEFTMS70 DYY-120 error message
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IEFTMS70 DYY-120 error message


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CA 1 Flexible Storage



Running TMSINIT it is abending with IEFTMS70 DYY-120.  











There are multiple reasons for TMSINIT to produce this abend.

1.  The audit file is allocated but not formatted.  

2.  The audit file was allocated and formatted but has a short block of data at the end of the file.  This could have been caused by moving the file using IEBGENER and changing the BLOCKSIZE.


Allocated and formatted a new audit file using TMSFORMT.  TMSFORMT will make sure that the last block on the file is a full block of data

Additional Information


If you need to move the Audit file do not change the blocksize.  If you want to change the blocksize use TMSFORMT and format a new file on the DASD volume where you want it to reside.