Unable to successfully install the Data Repository system
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Unable to successfully install the Data Repository system


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The dr_validate.sh script completes successfully but the dr_install.sh script fails and exists, logging the following:

WARN (S0170): https://my.vertica.com/docs/7.1.x/HTML/index.htm#cshid=S0170
lvscan (LVM utility) indicates some active volumes


Release: CAPM 3.7

Release: CAPM 20.2

Release: CAPM 21.2


Logical Volumes (LVMs) were detected on the system.

Vertica does not support installing the /data and /catalog directories on Logical Volumes.

Even though /data and /catalog are not on Logical Volumes, because a Logical Volume was detected elsewhere on the system, a WARN was logged.

By default, the Vertica install is configured to fail and exit on a WARN as well as a FAIL condition.


Add the following parameter to the drinstall.properties file:

# added to allow install to bypass lvm warnings

This will allow WARN conditions so that the install completes.

The install will only fail and exit if any FAIL conditions are met.

The parameter can be set anywhere in the drinstall.properties file.

After setting this parameter, re-run the dr_install.sh script

Additional Information

The AllowVerticaInstallWarnings parameter for the CA Performance Management script essentially sets the Vertica failure-threshold to the desired level.