How do you create a data source in Connector Express?
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How do you create a data source in Connector Express?


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Connector Xpress is a CA Identity Manager utility for managing dynamic connectors, mapping dynamic connectors to endpoints, and establishing routing rules for endpoints. You can use it to configure dynamic connectors to allow provisioning and management of SQL databases and LDAP directories.

Connector Xpress lets you create and deploy custom connectors without extensive technical expertise.


How do I create a data source in Connector Xpress?


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To see the list of directories and databases that Connector Xpress supports, see the Platform Support Matrix. Look for the table named CERTIFIED CONNECTOR XPRESS ENDPOINT TYPES.

Connector Xpress supports the following data sources from supported vendors:


  • JDBC -- Any service accessible through the JDBC API, typically a relational database server.
  • JNDI -- Any service accessible through the JNDI API, typically an LDAP server.

To create a data source please follow the steps below. 

Open Connector Xpress

  1. Click Tools, Data Sources.
    The Select Data Source for new Project dialog appears.
  2. Click Add.
    The Source Types dialog appears.
  3. Select an available data source type from the list, then click OK.
    The Edit Source dialog appears, specific to the type of data source you are adding.
  4. Complete the fields on the dialog, then click Test to verify your settings and authentication details.
    Depending on the authentication method chosen, a subsequent authentication dialog can appear.
    Complete the fields on this dialog to continue the test.
  5. When the test has completed successfully, click OK.
    You have successfully configured the data source type you selected.