How to reset NX.env and NX.env_nt.tpl variable ?
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How to reset NX.env and NX.env_nt.tpl variable ?


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CA Support often mentions to modify the NX.env_nt.tpl when the NX.env is modified. Is it necessary to exactly matched between the NX.env and NX.env_nt.tpl files? If yes, what problem will occur when they are NOT exactly matched?

One concern that can arise is when running pdm_configure, the NX.env variables seem to be reset and lose their initial values. 



Release:CA Service Desk Manager.


The NX.env is generated from the NX.env_nt.tpl in the $NX_ROOT\pdmconf folder by the pdm_configure. The NX.env and the NX.env_nt.tpl should not be EXACTLY matched. They should have the same parameters but some of the parameter values’ are not the exactly same value as the NX.env. When the customer runs the pdm_configure, it will replace a specific value to the parameters.

For example, the NX.env_nt.tpl file has the following parameter. 



And the NX.env has the same parameter with the following value. 

@NX_SERVER=<Specific value> 


The value ‘NX_HOSTNAME_REPLACE’ in the NX.env_nt.tpl will be replaced to a specific value when the NX.env is generated by the pdm_configure. 


If new parameter is added to the NX.env by manual, the added parameter will be worked after recycling the SDM service. 

However, when the pdm_configure will be run in future, since the NX.env will be re-generated from the NX.env_nt.tpl as the template, if the NX.env_nt.tpl does not have the added parameter, it will be lost from the NX.env. If the NX.env_nt.tpl also has the added parameter with a specific value, the parameter with a specific value will be set when the NX.env is re-generated by the pdm_configure. 

Hence, the NX.env and the NX.env_nt.tpl should not have exactly the same contents each other. However, they should have the same parameters that SDM administrator added by manual so as not to lose the value by the pdm_configure next time.

Also, when the parameter in NX.env and NX.env_nt.tpl is changed, CA Support recommend to use the pdm_options_mgr command.

Additional Information

If one suspects that an NX variable was reset after making a chance such as pdm_configure, there should also be a backup NX.env file, NX.env.last, which can be examined to compare entries from the last known configuration in the given file.

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