How to setup X11 forwarding to perform a cluster install
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How to setup X11 forwarding to perform a cluster install


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Why doesn't console mode (command line) correctly perform cluster installs on CA Identity Manager?




Release: CAIDMB99000-12.6.8-Identity Manager-B to B


In order to perform the CA Identity Manager cluster installs on Linux, GUI mode would need to be performed. Follow these steps to enable GUI mode in your Linux environment:

  1. Use an X11 server application such as Xming or Cygwin/X
  2. Enable X-11 Forwarding in your client (Putty is used as an example. See image below)

    <Please see attached file for image>

    x forwarding.png
  3. Log in with your desired user
  4. echo $DISPLAY to get the associated display (Ex. Output would be "localhost:10.0"  - "10" would be the associated display)
  5. Run command "xauth list". Find the display number which corresponds with step #4 and copy it (Make sure everything is copied in the output)
  6. Sudo to root. Run command "xauth add <paste copied output from step #5>"
  7. Now commands can be executed as root and the X11 Forwarding connection can be seen.
  8. Run the CA Identity Manager installer and the installer screen should pop up.



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